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The best fun and flirty games to play over text with friends. If you’ve got clashing schedules, super-duper long distances, and an exhausting work life keeping you away from socializing with your friends, worry no more… You may connect with people no matter where you are with the right flirtatious and fun activities.

Playing fun games over text helps you keep in touch with family and friends and could also help you get to know your crush better.

Playing games online with friends not only encourages collaboration and self-assurance but is also a great way to socialize and have fun without leaving your house. It also provides a method for cultivating compassion and creates a safe environment where people may communicate their worries while trying to understand each other.

Texting games are a terrific way to bond with friends while also passing the time. Thanks to social media, staying in touch with a buddy is simple.

If you’re messaging a crush or someone you want to impress, you may have a good time and giggle.

It is also possible to communicate with your boyfriend or girlfriend throughout the day and learn much about each other. And don’t make them feel as though they’re being interrogated.

It’s entertaining – and you’ll feel closer to your texting partner! You’ll be astonished if you try it!

Text games to play with pals that are both fun and flirtatious

Would you rather

would you rather this or that?

If you want to get to know your girlfriend/ boyfriend/ texting partner’s nature better, this game is for you. Though it is more popular in a physical setting rather than virtual, you can still make it engaging over text…The rule here is to ask a question that starts with “would you rather…” Then, it’s followed by hypothetical scenarios. For example, “Would you rather have hiccups for the rest of your life or constantly feel like you have to sneeze?” Or, “would you rather live in a world where all songs exist but they are all performed by Pitbull, or only one Pitbull song exists but it’s performed by every artist with their own cover interpretation?” “ Would you rather have chopsticks for hands or office chair wheels for feet ?” is also an interesting one.

Those situations can be linked together or separated as far as you want them to be. The two ideas, however, should be given equal weight. You’ll need to think outside the box while coming up with queries. The finest “would you rather” questions illustrate unpleasant but equally dreadful alternatives. This is an excellent get-to-know-you game since it can be both humorous and bizarre. It’s also possible that it’s serious. It’s preferable to ask questions that need some thought. It’s a nice game to play to start discussions since you can learn a lot about each other’s perspectives while also debating each choice.

Movie Lines

movie lines game

This texting game can be a lot of fun if you and your buddies enjoy watching movies. You can challenge one or more people to have a discussion with you using just famous movie lines as a starting point. To make the game more interesting, you may even select a theme or genre. Like: “Sorry lady”, “I’m a Mandalorian”, “Come on, baby!”, “You must unlearn what you have learned” or the very iconic “May the Force be with you.”  from Star Wars. By the end of it, you would have explored all of your partner’s interests and their favorite references (and trust us, this comes in handy when you want to surprise them with a gift)

In Character

in character game homepage

Remember the personalities you grew up idolizing and imitating as a teen or child? Now is the moment to reintroduce them into the picture by posing as them through communication. Choose two celebrities or TV or movie characters that you are both familiar with and pretend to be them.

It could be Jughead and Archie from Riverdale, Bakugo and Midoriya from My Hero Academia, or Baymax and Hiro from Big Hero 6… let your imagination run wild. Sky’s the limit.

20 Questions

20 questions fun game

You can text a pal and say you have something on your mind and need 20 questions to figure it out.

Imagine someone, a place, a cuisine, an animal, or whatever, and keep it a secret from your pal. She or he will next give you a series of questions to which you will only be able to respond with “yes” or “no.”

It’s worth noting that they only ask yes-or-no questions.

The winner is the one who can figure out what you’ve thought of in 20 questions or fewer, and the loser is the person who can’t.

If they win, they get a point. If your response can’t be predicted after 20 questions, you get a point.

Then it’s up to you to figure out what they imply and so on until the one with the most points wins.

The Name Game

the name game page

The name game is a terrific game to play in a group chat since it’s more enjoyable with more people. You and your pals choose a category, such as a movie, a well-known celebrity, a nation, a city, a dish, or an animal.

Then one of you will begin by texting a term that fits within the category you’ve chosen. The second buddy must then text something that begins with the preceding word’s last letter, and so on. The loser is the individual who cannot SMS something within 30 seconds to keep the game continuing. You may either agree that the loser will treat you all to supper or a drink, or you can simply pick a new category and continue the game.

What Would You Do

what would you do game

This game is a wonderful way to exercise your creativity while also learning how your friends might react in different scenarios. Whether you’ve just met or have known each other for a long time, this is a fun way to pass the time while texting.

Ask your acquaintance what they would do if they were president for a day or if they could stop time or if they won a million dollars, were stuck on an island, or were told they only had one day to live, among other possibilities. You may even concoct your own situations and let your imagination run wild. If you ask your friends to do the same, you might be shocked at what they say.


build a story fun game

This is fantastic news for authors. Two brains are typically better than one, as the saying goes. One person begins the game by texting the first word, sentence, or phrase to the other player. When the other player responds with a new word, sentence, or phrase, another player responds with a new word, sentence, or phrase, and so on.

The responses can help the first player construct a story. The tale that is created might be fantastic or terrifying at times. It might also be a great narrative or an epic. Over time, the back-and-forth remarks can be used to create a plot. Don’t be concerned with the story’s flow. You shouldn’t expect it to be smooth or eloquent. However, the plot surprise adds so much complexity to the tale that the two protagonists feel driven to keep it continuing.

Start by emailing your boyfriend or girlfriend anything along the lines of “Once upon a time.”

“In a country called nowhere,” the second player will respond. Your text friend would then react with a different term or word, and so on.


What are text games called?

Text adventures (sometimes synonymously referred to as interactive fiction) are text-based games wherein worlds are described in the narrative and the player submits typically simple commands to interact with the worlds.

Why do people play text games?

Playing Tetris is considered easy and convenient.


These are just some of the many fun, creative and flirty games to play over text with your friends to pass the time. While these games can be as clean or as naughty as you like, the real fun begins when all of you participate. So pick up your phone, get your thumbs ready, and enjoy trying out these texting games!

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