Best Pedometer Apps for iPhone in 2024

iPhones are smart these days and you can too become smart using the pedometer apps for your phone to stay healthy and charming.

Best Pedometer Apps

In our busy lives, staying healthy can be a bit tricky. But guess what? Our iPhones can be our fitness buddies! These little apps, called pedometer apps, are like sidekicks that help us keep track of how much we move each day.

Now, these apps didn’t just pop out of nowhere. They started as simple step counters and turned into these cool things that make staying healthy fun. And guess what else? We’ve got a bunch of them to choose from!

So, let’s take a closer look at why these apps are a big deal, how they’ve changed over time, and which ones are the coolest. It’s not just about counting steps; it’s about making being healthy a part of our everyday adventures. Let’s jump in and discover the world of the best pedometer apps for iPhones – they’re like tiny coaches helping us live our healthiest lives!

Ready to explore? Let’s go!

The Best Pedometer Apps for iPhone in 2024


Activitytracker Pedometer App

ActivityTracker is an app designed to track your walking activity without draining your iPhone’s battery. Its method is simple: It doesn’t use GPS but the built-in motion processor. 

The app automatically tracks your steps, the distance covered, the calories burned, the active time, and the floors climbed. You can see data about these fitness metrics for each hour, day, week, month, and year of activity and compare your current day with the last days or your current week with the previous.  

ActivityTracker enables you to set a weekly target and displays a daily goal based on that target. You can set your target not only for steps but also for distance and active calories, depending on your preferences.

The app gives you the possibility to take part in monthly challenges, receive progress notifications, and share your daily results with friends and followers on social media. With ActivityTracker, you can also sync steps between your iPhone, Apple Watch, and the Health app and import your entire history from the Health app.

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Pacer Pedometer App

Pacer offers you diverse tools to help you exercise more, lose weight, and enjoy a healthier life. The app monitors all the basic metrics and compares your results with standards created by renowned organizations such as the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association. You can monitor your steps 24/7, set a daily step goal, or go after a long-term step target and create walking groups to make things more exciting.

Pacer can do more when it comes to fitness tracking. If you activate GPS, you have the opportunity to track your outdoor walking, hiking, running, and cycling workouts, analyze your current route on a map, and discover new walking routes. The app provides access to guided video workouts and allows you to track your weight and BMI over time.

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Pedometer++ Pedometer App

Pedometer++ is an app focused on step counting. It lets you set a daily step goal and provides insight into your weekly stats directly in the main view. You can see your results for the current day from the iPhone app, the Apple Watch app, or the various widgets available.

Pedometer++ offers a Workouts mode, which allows you to choose between three activities (walking, hiking, and running) and the desired workout goal and visualize the route on a map. You can keep track of diverse fitness metrics, including the duration of the workout, the distance, or your pace. The app also offers the possibility of downloading maps for offline use.  

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Pedometer & Step Counter

Pedometer Stepcounter Pedometer App

Pedometer & Step Counter is a solution that promises to be gentle on your battery. This pedometer app uses the motion processor on your iPhone (no GPS usage) to track your daily steps. In addition to steps, you can also keep track of the calories burned, the distance walked, the stairs climbed, or the time spent physically active.

Unlike other apps, Pedometer & Step Counter enables you to set a daily goal for whichever metric you want, whether it’s steps, minutes, or perhaps floors, and provides valuable insight into your performance. You can quickly see relevant info, such as your daily, weekly, and monthly totals, your average steps per day, or when you’ve set a new personal record.

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Accupedo Pedometer App

Accupedo is another easy-to-use solution for automatically monitoring your daily walking activity. The app can be used as a simple pedometer, but it also comes with a GPS tracking mode, which lets you select from various outdoor activities. You can keep track of your step count, distance, active calories, and walking time.

Accupedo provides a daily log of your activity, which you can email or share on social networks, as well as charts with your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly step count. The app sends smart messages and today’s quotes to boost your motivation and help you stay active.

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How accurate are pedometer apps in counting steps?

Pedometer apps leverage advanced algorithms and motion sensors to provide accurate step counts, with many offering calibration options for increased precision.

Can pedometer apps drain my iPhone’s battery?

While some impact on battery life is inevitable, modern pedometer apps are optimized to minimize this impact, allowing users to track their activity without significant battery drain.

Are pedometer apps suitable for all fitness levels?

Yes, pedometer apps are designed to cater to users of all fitness levels, providing customizable features and intuitive interfaces for both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts.

How do pedometer apps contribute to mental health?

Pedometer apps contribute to improved mental health by fostering a sense of achievement, providing social support through community features, and promoting consistent physical activity.

What sets the top pedometer apps apart from each other?

Each pedometer app has unique features such as gamification elements, social sharing capabilities, and customization options, allowing users to choose based on their preferences and goals.

How often should I update my pedometer app?

Regular updates ensure you have the latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements. Check for updates periodically to make the most of your pedometer app.

Do pedometer apps work offline?

Most pedometer apps require an internet connection for features like syncing data and accessing community features. However, basic step tracking usually works offline.


So, to wrap it up, these pedometer apps for iPhones are like your friendly fitness buddies, making sure you stay active and healthy. We’ve seen how they evolved from simple step counters to fantastic smartphone apps.

Our top picks— Activity Tracker, Pacer, Pedometer++, Pedometer & Step Counter, and Accupedo—offer different flavors to suit your taste. They’ve got games, let you share your wins with friends, and can be personalized just the way you like it.

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