Best Data Recovery Tools for Mac

If you need to recover data from a Mac and don’t want to spend money, then these five free applications may help. These Mac data recovery tool share the same thing.

They’re completely free of charge for casual users who aren’t looking into recovering anything too important or valuable.

The best free software available online is described below in order for it’s characteristics. These 5 programs vary but also have one commonality. They are totally costless which helps very much when there isn’t an essential reason behind this process.

Disk Drill for Mac


Disk Drill is the free data recovery app for Mac OS X. In addition to having previewing capabilities for recovered files, it contains several other functionalities that make it one of the best available applications. Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery can recover lost partitions or even restore boot disks.

It is a free software application designed specifically by professionals with busy lives who need to be able access their important documents quickly without paying an arm and leg just because they accidentally deleted something vital that really shouldn’t have been erased at all costs anytime soon if not never ever.

The tool has multiple features including previews, recovering/restoring partition loss (even after re-install) made easy, restoring your disk’s basic file structure.

Disk Drill is an excellent program that can recover lost data on internal and external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards and many other appliances.

It has an extensive database of file signatures that can be restored after formatting even if the drive’s structure was destroyed by loss of power or incorrect unmounting.

Disk Drill continues to improve with its ever-growing team always looking out for new cases where it could help users save their files from corruption due to issues like these!

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Why Disc Drill?

Disk Drill successfully manages the balance of essential and advanced features for casual, professional, and enterprise users alike. This makes Disk Drill worth the money spent on an upgrade!

PhotoRec for Mac


PhotoRec is not the most powerful free Mac data recovery tool, but it has an advantage over some of its competitors. The source code is available to anyone who can make use of this application in order to recover lost files.

It is a free and open-source data recovery utility that can recover lost files from hard disks, CD-ROMs or any other storage media. It works with most file systems such as:

  • ext2/ext3 (Linux),
  • NTFS (Windows) etc.

But it does not write to the drive it’s scanning for deleted files.

The tool ignores partition tables by default. So you need -i option if your device has multiple partitions in order to start this application on an alternate data stream of FAT16 file system which appeared after repartitioning operations were performed at least once .

It supports multi volume physical disk scan also known as deep analysis mode (-d switch). 

The app uses a powerful technology known as “file carving.” This method consists of two steps. First, it searches for the data block or cluster size.

If the file system is not corrupted, this value is obtained from the superblock (ext2/3/4), or volume boot record (FAT).

For example, if there are ten files found earlier in partitioning phase. Then using first 10 files to calculate blocksize instead of checking each sector will speed up process immensely. Thus, making more efficient use of disk IOPS.

Thus maximizing chances that you can recover your whole files system after an unexpected crash without much hassle.

Why PhotoRec?

PhotoRec is a great tool to recover some personal files without having to resort to an expensive professional application.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac


To start, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is another one of the best data recovery Mac software applications. The developer has released three different versions. These are free trial, Pro and unlimited options for those that need more features or storage capacity.

We have a free data recovery software that can recover 2GB of lost files from Mac notebooks, desktops, hard drives and external devices. It works on internal HFS+ drives as well as FAT/FAT32 file systems used in flash drive and external storage connected to an Apple computer.

The tool recovers most commonly found formats including image, video music or document files so you don’t need any other special tools for your required type of recovered media content!

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Why EaseUs?

This free data recovery tool can help you get back your lost files in just three simple steps.

The EaseUS Data Recovery software is a great option for unintentional file deletions or when an error causes the loss of important documents, photos and videos that are not backed up on another device.

Users can easily recover their deleted contents with this easy to use application by following only 3 straightforward instructions which come together as one full-fledged operation: Scanning Your Computer For The Lost Files That Were Deleted Intentionally Or By Mistake; Previewing And Recovering Contents From Partition/Drive Where They Are Located; Saving These Recovered Documents Onto A Safe Location On Another Device.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery for Mac


MiniTool Data Recovery for Mac is a professional data recovery tool. It helps to recover photos, music, videos and more from your Mac or common storage devices. The free version only offers support via email.

The tool recovers all types of files stored on your computer including images, songs etc. It supports you by providing the fastest solution through its user-friendly website interface with an option to chat live with technicians during business hours.

MiniTool Data Recovery  software for Mac works in four different modes. The first, “Undelete Recovery”, can be used to quickly recover data lost due to accidental deletion or formatting of partitions on the device.

When you need more than just an undeletion function but don’t have time for a full-fledged recovery attempt with limited chance of success (such as when only one partition is found), this mode might give your chances a boost while not wasting too much time on unsuccessful attempts at finding other partitions that may contain deleted files and folders which are no longer visible via file system browsing because they’ve been wiped out from there by Disk Utility’s secure erase feature.

Why MiniTool?

MiniTool Data Recovery tool offers a useful option for small accidental deletions.

MiniTool Data Recovery is designed to restore accidentally deleted files. This includes system and application data that has been erased by mistake or power failure.

It also restores information from formatted drives and lost partitions on both Windows OS (7/8) and Mac OS X. It doesn’t affect the existing drive contents in order to ensure full compatibility with other software tools such as virus scanners.

Softtote Mac Data Recovery


If you’ve ever misplaced a photo or document, this Mac data recovery software may be the solution to your problems. File types that can be recovered include .jpgs, .pngs and MP3 files. Use Softtote’s app for free on devices supported by NTFS, HFS/HFS+, and FAT file systems.

It works with previewing images before recovering them. Hence, there is no need to worry about losing important information accidentally. This application also comes with technical support if needed!

Why Softtote?

Softtote’s data recovery is recommended by many within the high-risk field of Mac file loss. While it only recovers certain types like MS Office files and graphics formats. This is an excellent choice in case you need to recover your information quickly or if budget is limited.


So, next time you want to recover your lost data from Mac, try these top data recovery tools.