Stellar Phoenix Review: Mac Data Recovery Software

If you’ve lost data from an internal or external hard drive, a Windows Boot Camp partition, or an Apple Time Capsule, then don’t worry. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 7 will help recover it with its powerful scanning tools and extensive file signature support!

The $99 software provides easy on-ramp to the world of Mac recovery without being too complicated for users who are new to this kind of program.


Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery: Pricing and Licenses


Stellar Mac Data Recovery is available for both Mac and Windows. With the $99 version only including Data Recovery while the Platinum Edition costs an extra $100 but includes volume optimization.

The single-user license of these programs cost a total of either $350. Or $299 depending on which platform you use it in comparison to open licenses costing less at just $350 when purchased on MacOS and $349 if bought through PCOS.

I tested out Data Recover Professional ($99) since that was all included in my package. Also, some other features such as advanced scanning options for deep scan recovery not found within Data Recover Pro $399.

While Stellar Phoenix has a reasonable price, its licensing is confusing and complex. The single-user license restricts you to one desktop at any given time. So, if you want to install it on your second computer, then be prepared for some lengthy registration ID and key importing procedures.

This inconvenience put into perspective with Disk Drill’s better pricing shows why this software can’t compete in the market.

Data Recovery


The interface is fairly straightforward. On the main screen, you can either initiate a new scan or resume one of your saved scans by selecting Start New Scan.

This will reveal another screen where you have three options:

  • to run an advanced scan for lost and deleted volumes (Scan Lost/Deleted Volumes),
  • recover photos from severely corrupted devices (Raw Recovery)
  • or clone drives in case something happens to them later on. Creating backups before it’s too late!

With support for 122 unique file signatures, Stellar Phoenix is comparable to Seagate’s Premium File Recovery Suite (which supports 60).

But fewer than Disk Drill which has 357. The utility identified and retrieved approximately 66 GB of files, while Data Rescue was able to retrieve 73 GB.

This made up with the lackluster filtering that it provided as compared to its peers where more original file names were returned. Thus, making this a good option especially when someone needs lots of recovery options in place.

Stellar Phoenix by default, the utility filters files by volume and file type. For example, when I opened the Document folder I found subfolders for .ppt, .pptx, .docx/, pdf/, and several others.

The Photos folder parsed eight different file types such as jpeg. Additionally Stellar phoenix includes a somewhat sluggish search feature that allows users to preview images without leaving the application (via OS X Quick Look).

Extra Features


Stellar Phoenix is a hard disk recovery utility that supports cloning and S.M.A.R.T monitoring. These are best practices when your drive has developed issues during use or failed entirely with no warning signs beforehand.

To clone the bad sectors, you can avoid using them in case of future malfunctions and monitor for any concerning changes like higher temperatures than normal (which may indicate impending failure).

It’s not quick but it does make sure all data on the drives gets backed up before they’re committed to being irreparable. It creates clones first without writing over existing backups, as Data Rescue would do if both utilities were used sequentially rather than simultaneously rendering one redundant.

It’s because there was already another backup available from an external source. Similar methodologies apply here though.

There are a couple of tricks I would like to see Stellar Phoenix learn from its competitors. Unlike Data Rescue and Disk Drill, Stellar Phoenix doesn’t let you create a bootable drive in case of emergency.

This isn’t a deal-breaker, Seagate doesn’t include it either. But it does offer some peace of mind. Furthermore, the boxed version includes only Platinum ($198) features that lets you repair volumes.

But they cost money which makes them inaccessible for those who don’t have enough budget or aren’t willing to pay more than required.

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Conclusion: A Fine Tool

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 7 is a good option for those looking to get started with data recovery. It has some nice filtering features and will expand the results of your recoveries.

But won’t unseat DiskWarrior when it comes to repairing volumes or beating out other advanced functionality in its price range.