VideoMakerFX Review: Features, Pros & Cons

VideoMakerFX review

Users now prefer watching videos more than they used to, whereas a few years ago they were quite pleased to read articles. Research has unequivocally shown that marketers who utilize articles combined with video, or just video, have more profitable businesses than those who only use textual material, according to VideoMakerFX.

Consequently, video and whiteboard animation software is growing in popularity. It is an effective technique that may be used to rapidly and engagingly communicate ideas. One of the best products currently on the market, according to VideoMakerFX.

We shall examine that assertion in this review. We’ll examine what it is, what it can accomplish, and its advantages, disadvantages, and costs. We’ll also take a peek at a few user reviews.

All of you have undoubtedly experienced the agony of creating slide displays. While giving a presentation might be nerve-racking, the audience may also be uninterested. My intellect has been pleading for independence throughout the majority of formal presentations.

However, you may now abandon the outdated fashion and switch to VideoMakerFX, which gives you the ability to make amiable, approachable videos from scratch.

What is VideoMakerFX?

VideoMakerFX Review

You may make any kind of movie with the help of the user-friendly program known as VideoMakerFX, including animations and whiteboard films. It has transparent animation, a variety of editable slide themes and fonts, and an immediate scenario. One of the greatest whiteboard animation programs available in this program.

It was the only reasonably priced software on the market at the time of its initial release in 2013 that allowed small businesses to produce quality films. Videos for product sales, lessons, or amusement may be created with it.

The software’s designer, Peter Roszak, claimed that making it easy to use was his primary concern. Up until that point, learning how to use this particular type of software needed lengthy, difficult lessons. He succeeded in his goal because this is among the most user-friendly video-making tools.

VideoMakerFX Features

The ease of use of VideoMakerFX is one of its finest features. Although it may appear a little simple at first, the user interface offers a wide range of tools that may be used by dragging and dropping. People like the fact that you can completely personalize your films and whiteboard animations.

It is an approachable piece of software designed to produce films for marketers and companies. You can now make films to showcase the many facets of your business using over 240 editable slide themes.

You can be certain that all the creativity and work you put into making each piece of video are yours and yours alone by using VideoMakerFX.

You may save your work, utilize it, and even sell it because the work produced with this program is not saved on an external server.

Typically, in order to create your own video, you would need to use highly expensive software or hire a professional.

By hiring a professional, you may avoid the software’s complexities, but you would still be stuck with the fee for each new video clip that was produced. You may make films with VideoMakerFX that are composed of slides that you can insert anywhere in the timeline of the video.

The concept behind the package not only makes it an affordable tool but also reduces your learning curve.

Other beneficial elements include:

  • Licensed-free audio tracks that are all well crafted and are sure to sound excellent in whatever video you produce.
  • You may always find something appropriate among the 240+ animated slides that cover more than 35 different themes.
  • Many different images and backgrounds are available, and they may all be applied with a few mouse clicks. You may add a wide variety of icons to your films.
  • You may create sales letter videos since they can be improved with video. Sales letters are a great tool for generating leads. You may generate movies with the integrated feature of VideoMakerFX to improve the impact of your sales letters.
  • You have complete rights to all the videos; you are free to create them for your own use, broadcast them, and sell them to anybody you choose.
  • From the day of purchase forward, you receive complete support and updates.
  • Although this program is fairly simple to use, it comes with fantastic training resources. After purchasing, you can access a large range of training materials that walk you through the process of creating videos and whiteboards.
  • You can make videos in a couple of minutes because of how quickly it works.
  • Do you like watching picture slideshows? To make them more captivating and fascinating, utilize VideoMakerFX.
  • The program is compact and uses little memory. On both new and old devices, it functions wonderfully.
  • The four parameters of Texts, Images, Shapes & Animations, and each slide you choose from its choice of templates are all editable.
  • This implies that you have complete control over all the crucial elements on each slide cut. Regarding the text portion, which is typically the most prominent component of an instructional video, you may change the font style, word alignment, text size, and color, as well as add special effects.
  • You may change and add the images you choose to represent your film to as many slides as you like. You may scale up photographs, add backdrop images, and have much more fun with it just as you would with a word-based document.
  • By utilizing the “Shape Option,” you can also create attractive forms inside the slides’ main page. With all the various themes, you can give the videos a competitive edge.
  • Once you’ve decided on the slide theme you want, all you have to do is click the “Add Slide” button to include it in the timeline of the film.
  • By using a very simple approach, VideoMakerFX makes a video out of a collection of animated slides. You don’t have to worry about creating these animations yourself or getting outside assistance, though.
  • You may easily find the animation quality you’re seeking inside its system. You may set the duration of each slide using the animation tool, which is measured in seconds.
  • The majority of the slide layouts are supported by the “animation option,” which is the greatest aspect of this. Simply choose from its menu of animation options to start the process. Once the program has been installed, you can start honing your first video.

What advantages can VideoMakerFX offer?

The ease of use is the main advantage of purchasing VideoMakerFX, according to customer reviews. To use this type of program, you don’t need any prior expertise.

Even the ability to make videos is not required. Most individuals can learn how to use the interface correctly within a few minutes of purchase since it is simple to understand.

Other advantages of VideoMakerFX include:

  • Content may be exported into further movies.
  • Rich special effects are available for videos, enabling you to communicate a variety of concepts.
  • It offers rapid video rendering and great sound editing.
  • Before saving, you may preview a project and make adjustments as needed.
  • Any specialty may take advantage of it.
  • Both Windows and Mac are compatible with VideoMakerFX.
  • It is quite reasonably priced.

What is so unique about VideoMakerFX?

Video Tutorials

The capabilities of VideoMakerFX already make it a great tool, but if you continue reading, you’ll discover even more reasons why it’s exceptional.

Although the tools for creating a video are simple to use, VideoMakerFX also comes with lesson films that are intended to improve your video-making abilities. The software’s creators also included sales films to educate you on tactics for pitching a sale by producing videos that meet industry standards.

Play some music.

In the end, a video should be a work that can be interactive, convey the message, and put on a fantastic performance. To produce your best work in less time than PowerPoint, explore these incredible picture slideshows.

To give the finishing touch and help your film reach a wider audience, VideoMakerFX offers 20 royalty-free music tracks that may be included in your video.

A video might be about anything, thus VideoMakerFX made care to include as many different types of music tracks as they could. The preloaded songs include pretty much everything, including standard advertisements, raps, holiday music, and even tempo tracks.

Sales Pitching

The idea of video marketing is currently so effective that it has already been demonstrated to triple sales conversion rates. To assist you in producing high-quality work and making a sale from it, VideoMakerFX has been given tutorial videos.

These professionally made films may be added to your social media profiles to promote your channel. It is best suited for events or marketing campaigns. The product’s post-purchase support is also competent and reliable.

Drawbacks of VideoMakerFX

Although VideoMakerFX is a great program with loads of functionality, there are a few areas where the developers might make improvements.

Rendering movies might occasionally take a while, especially if they are longer than 15 minutes.

Complex video editing is not its intended use. iMovie, PowerDirector, and Adobe Premiere cannot be compared to VideoMaker FX. It works best for making straightforward films that you can share with current and future customers, on social media, and with other company stakeholders.


👉Who should buy VideoMakerFX?

🔥This software is excellent for anyone who would like to create videos but doesn’t have any experience. It is also recommended for small businesses that don’t have big marketing budgets.

👉Do we recommend VideoMakerFX?

🔥Yes; we do. We have tried different video and whiteboard animation software and this one is one of the best. It may not have as many frills as some of the others but it is loaded with enough features to make any video interesting and engaging.

👉What Are My Rights On Created Videos Exactly?

🔥Unlimited and full. Sell and profit however you like. If you use other non-bundled images, music, graphics or other elements then you must verify yourself what rights you have to use them, as this content may be copyrighted to other authors.

👉How Many Computers Does My License Allow To Use?

🔥Each purchased license allows you to use VideoMakerFX on up to 2 computers. So it’s perfect for your desktop and laptop, or for you and your virtual assistant!

👉What are the Requirements for VideoMakerFX?

🔥A Windows or Mac System made in the last 5 years works best. Although it works on any machine, rendering and previewing of videos may be slower on older computers.

Over to you: VideoMakerFX Review

Videos are the most effective way to convey feelings and ideas. Because of this, a sizable portion of each big marketing budget is allocated to video advertising each year, whether it appears on TV or YouTube. Additionally, VideoMakerFX is more of a great concept than merely a product because it enables you to combine pre-loaded slides to create engaging videos.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the quality of the VideoMakerFX program and think it’s among the best options available right now. Grab this program now to save some of your hard-earned cash.

I sincerely hope you like our VideoMakerFX review 2023. 

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