InPixio Photo Studio Mac Review: Photo Editing Made Easier

The inPixio photo studio family of photo editing programs consists of a full-fledged program. Photo Studio Professional is used for solving basic tasks and several other options.

These include but are not limited to: “Photo Focus,” which helps adjust colors; ”Eclipse HDR’, designed specifically with high dynamic range imagery in mind.

It’s perfect if you’re looking forward creating beautiful photographs that have incredible detail across nearly every pixel on your screen!

The InPixio review will tell you about the main advantages of this software in detail. You’ll find plenty of AI tools and additional effects that are perfect for aspiring photographers. All while staying on top of your game thanks to professional output tone!

Why inPixio is perfect for beginners ?

The company’s simplicity and appeal to different needs makes it easier than ever before, with one product that can suit a variety of users. With so many features available on their website there’s no wonder why people are flocking towards this new brand!


inPixio Photo Studio Mac Review: Pros and Cons


  • Advanced auto-erase
  • Professional clone stamp
  • Customizable interface
  • One-click background removal, replacement and blur
  • AI and selective color correction


  • InPixio trial version is only available with watermarks
  • Lack of batch image editing


The InPixio Photo Studio 11 was significantly upgraded, which allows you to use it for sky replacement. The AI photomontage can be done quickly with just one click. It also has blurring the background so your photos don’t have any distraction from what’s behind them!

The best free photo editor is inPixio! I love that the features are all available without any limitations. There aren’t constant reminders to buy the full version.

InPixio Photo Studio Editor Features


The inPixio Photo Studio 11 is a free photo editor that let’s you easily edit your images. In earlier versions, it had three different interfaces to access dedicated tools for performing various tasks.

But now with this latest update there are only two. These are Editing Tools and Design Center. You can still choose between Eraser or Cutter if what kind of job needs doing requires one.

The single well thought out interface makes all aspects simple and easy-to use. Thus, making the process rapid as possible, so give these guys an email today!

Customizable Interface and Easy Mode


In the interest of convenience, inPixio’s Photo Studio 11 Pro offers fully customizable interface. You can add or remove widgets to adjust colors and manually set any desired settings for landscape photos.

It also includes a quick mode where you’ll be able to fix perspective distortion with ease. Other things like removing unwanted items from your photo before resizing it accurately is cool. The result- everything looks beautiful as intended!

Getting Started and Uploading JPEG


In addition to uploading JPEG, PNG and BMP files the developers added RAW support in an updated version of their app. That’s good news for many photographers who like working with photos that have more control over what they end up getting than those shot as conventional jpgs or pngs would allow them too!

InPixio Photo Editor can help you to retouch your photos in an easy and effective way. I picked up a neutral portrait. So it’s much easier for me judge the usefulness of effects that this program offers.

The inPixio app is perfect if what we are looking at our portraits or any other type pictures. It is because there will be no negative impact on their original quality since all adjustments happen under flawless viewing conditions.

EXIF Data and Useful Histogram

When downloading RAW files, you can view and edit all the information. For example, as it mentions in most reviews of inPixio apps available on Google Play Store or iTunes store for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads respectively with addition tags like rating options.

So, people know what they’re uploading their photos too (for instance: family vacation).

The second option is usually popular among freelancers who upload them onto various online platforms which might include flickr. But this depends entirely on preference!

One-Click AI Improvements


In inPixio Photo Studio 11, the Auto Correction tool has undergone significant changes since then. Nowadays it’s a comprehensive AI solution for color correction on-the go that allows you analyze photos by using tools like ones which automatically adjust colors and fix composition issues all while improving dynamic range with just one click of button!

Updated Filmstrip Panel


A Filmstrip panel that displays all the images has finally been improved. In version 10, it is completely interactive now and allows you to filter by date of shooting or camera type with ease while applying changes directly from within this workspace in order for quick Corrections without opening files elsewhere on your computer as well! It’s easy – just right click on any photo you want edited out–and they’ll be gone forever.

Oversaturated and Dim Presets

The first thing I tried was the presets. There are more than 100 and they’re divided into 10 categories, but most only produce a strange effect on your photo rather than something useful or pleasing to look at in terms of color correction – there were 2-3 decent ones among all that mess! You can’t control how these work either so it doesn’t really matter what kind you pick since whatever setting will be randomly applied when clicking “next.”

Inconvenient Curve Feed

Next, InPixio Photo Editor’s Adjustment tab allows users to tweak their pictures with standard changes like exposure and saturation. However it is not clear why there are two different tabs for tone curves–one in general settings section as well on an extra window that displays all adjustments listed out at once rather than allowing you see any one specific change isolated unless they choose “smaller size” from within this large screen interface choice just below where we found our tools options.

Correct Gradient from Lightroom


The next function available in the program is that you can make your own unique gradients. The way it’s controlled are copied from Lightroom and this makes using them very easy, but there’s no question about how good of work these Gradient Tool does! Even when applying Blurred Edges on a photo with slightest touch-ups.

You will see an instant transition between tones along with sharp lines along those transitions which cannot be altered through any tools InPixio Photo Editor has to offer.”

Superb AI Sky Replacement


You can save time and avoid the hassle of photoshopping skies for your next project with inPixio’s new photo studio 11. This tool uses advanced sky replacement technology that enables users to seamlessly replace any part of their desired background without worrying about changing colors or textures, even if it’s a cloudy day!

The AI will automatically adjust dynamic range so images come out perfectly natural no matter what type they are- landscape shots from across town look just as good on an untouched mountain side; pictures taken inside where there should be lots going on at various depths all have crisp detail while also being free from over saturation issues common when trying put together HDR files using separate exposures shot minutes apart due foggy weather conditions.

Auto Erase Function

The “Erase” tool is a great way to quickly and easily remove distractions from your photo. It was first introduced inInPixio Photo Studio 10, but since then has been significantly improved with better Clone- paintings for deletions areas as well as the ability now allow you erase items 7 times faster than before! All this makes it easy when editing portraits or complex scenery shots without worrying about getting frustrated by how long it takes just trying out different things until something works at all.

Semi-Automatic Selective Retouch


The “Selective Retouching” tab helps you customize individual sections of the photo using special gradients or brushes. You can change some settings using the following sliders: hue, white, black and blur to sharpen details in one area while softening it up elsewhere; noise reduction lets users reduce static artifacts that sometimes occur with photographs taken outdoors on a cloudy day

“In practice though this will only really work as an assistance tool for experienced editors.”  “Most features found within this panel are simply scattered throughout different parts of your picture editor so they don’t offer much more than what we already have at our disposal.”

AI Background Removal, Replacement and Blur


InPixio is a revolutionary photo editing app that will help you delete any unwanted details or objects in your photos. With one slide, it’s easy to select what area of the image needs removing and then Inpixium automatically removes this section from the newest version for better cropping options than those available through its Photo Studio 10 counterpart (for beginners). However, if we have an option between having retouching done by professionals who understand how best utilize their skill sets versus trying out new techniques yourself–we recommend taking advantage!

Incorrect Sharpness and Noise Reduction Settings

The next tab for image editing is called “Correction” and allows you to make slight improvements. But the truth is that sharpness isn’t useful, even having set it all the way up there won’t really show any differences at all when compared with an image without corrections applied

The “correction” tools in Lightroom are incredibly helpful because they let us fix things like color balance or exposure issues–but if your photo has been pixel-peppered by something as simple a camera shake then these adjustments may not be enough!

Confusing Effects

The last set of tools is called Effects and I find it a little strange that there are not more options for color balance or vignetting, which would be much easier to use in the adjustment panel.

The InPixio Photo Editor is a professional looking photo editor with features that can be useful for any photographer. One of these, the vignette tool works in much the same way as other editors however there’s one key difference – it has two different functions depending on whether you want dark or light corners so this makes your photographs look more interesting and creative!

Quick and Unique Photo Collages


The Photomontage tab inPixio Photo Studio 11 is a great way to create unique achievements, like the ones you can find at sporting events and other important moments. This feature lets users quickly combine several images with backgrounds replacement as well text/ stickers that are added on top of your favorite photos!

Classic Set of Frames

Frames are a popular way to add an extra layer of creativity and interest in photos, but I’m not convinced they always work. In most cases where you see this type of framing done well (or even just normally), it’s because there was some other element that really made the photo interesting- like something behind or beside your subject matter which framed their face perfectly for example!

Moral: Frames can be useful if used right – take advantage by adding more than one frame pattern into each picture rather then using just one plain white background.

Over saturated and Stupid Textures


You can add some extra colors to your photos with the Textures toolbox in Photoshop. There are also some stupid effects like over saturated ones that nobody uses! Fortunately, you have InPixio trial where all these tools will be checked out for free so feel free give it a go and see what’s best for yourself

Working Semi-Automatic Vista Correction

A Perspective tool that will be useful for correcting buildings and architecture shots. The new feature in Lightroom CC helps you:

  • eliminate distortion,
  • fix tilted or distorted objects in photos with a simple slider-based correction process 
  • and an automatic setting which is perfect if your camera did not do the job on its own!

Video Tutorials and HELP Tools

A database of all potential user questions is now available in one click from the interface. Full answers to these queries are given so that users can get started quickly and easily with their photo editing project.

This makes this new feature worth noting on top as well! In addition, tutorials have been added into support section for beginners who need help getting started more efficiently than ever before. They provide easier learning curves without compromising quality or consistency across devices (if desired).

Export with Watermarks

The most interesting thing was when I saw an ad telling me how long it would take before my saved file is ready. The wait can be rather long if you don’t have a Premium Account. So, make sure not miss out on any features by getting one now!

Eclipse HDR Pro

In 2021, inPixio added a couple of separate programs to their already extensive line-up. One program is called Eclipse HDR Pro which can be used for those who need perfect lighting and tones.

It helps create beautiful photos with realistic looking colors that are well exposed. Seems as if they were taken by an experienced photographer without any effort at all!

Advanced HDR Effect

One of the best features about this software is that it allows you to add HDR effects. This means even if your camera doesn’t have multiple exposure capability, all we need are our phone’s cameras and voila! You can still create amazing photos with bright lighting in high-dynamic range (HDR).

With Eclipse HDR you can find a perfect preset for your photo in just one click. In seconds, it will give an impressive and professional looking result!

Eclipse HDR is known as the easy-to use program that helps users get their desired results quickly with its powerful presets function. It makes competing against other similar products obsolete (because there isn’t anything better).

Advanced Tone Mapping Engine


HDR is a great way to get the best pictures of your scene. But it often produces an over-exposed sun or something else too bright in some areas. The Tone Mapping Engine from Eclipse HDR will make sure those are not problems for you anymore!

With this advanced tool, getting perfectly exposed shots has never been easier than before. Even when there’s detail hidden behind shadowed spots on buildings and other objects.

This would otherwise be lost due to harsh light sources like streetlights at night time while filming footage with available only lights off camera pointing up.

Individual Lighting

The HDR Relight module in Pixio allows you to choose which lighting areas of your photo are shown. The software automatically detects light sources and changes the color or turns them on/off one by one, depending on what setting is desired for that particular image . You can modify lights so as not only change day-time shots but also nightime images completely!

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FAQ’s on InPixio Photo Studio Mac Review: Photo Editing Made Easier

Does inPixio work on Mac?

inPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro Mac is a software program for editing and improving your photos. It allows you to perfectly cut out objects or people in your photos with ease! With the erase tool you can also remove unwanted features in the landscape and correct defects in a few clicks.

How much does inPixio for Mac cost?

InPixio Photo Studio 10 is available at $49.99, and inPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro is priced at $59.99. inPixio Photo Studio 10 also offers a free version with limited features.

Is InPixio better than Photoshop?

InPixio vs Photoshop – Who Wins? Both InPixio and Photoshop have similar tools for color correction, improving light and saturation, cropping, and photo editing. Photoshop still is better customized, has a wider range of tools, and better management. Besides, there is an unlimited number of layers and advanced masks.

Does inPixio work with raw files?

In addition to uploading JPEG, PNG, BMP and some similar formats, the developers added RAW files support in the updated version of inPixio Pro. That is good news for many users. Most photographers like working with RAW images because it gives them more control over the final result.

Does inPixio work on IPAD?

About in-app purchases: You can restore your previous purchases on any iOS device as long as you are using the same Apple ID. Simply press the Restore button. inPixio develops photo software which is simple to use and allows users to correct, touch up and improve their photos.


InPixio Photo Studio Focus Review

Photo Focus is the perfect app to help you take stunning photos that look like they were taken by a professional photographer.

It helps adjust brightness, contrast and background blurring for ultimate control over your camera’s settings. While providing an effect more dramatic than those available in stock apps such as Instagram stories or Snapchat lenses.

I hope the inPixio photo studio review helped you understand its importance as a photo editing software.

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