Alexa vs Siri vs Google Assistant : Which is Better?

With voice bot technology becoming more and more popular, it’s hard to imagine our lives without them. In recent years one type of device has become world-wide: the virtual assistant or “assistant AI.” So in this post, I will compare Alexa vs Siri vs Google Assistant.

All three tech titans have introduced their aces for this estimated 15 billion USD market with Google Assistant from google; Alexa made by Amazon ;and Siri created by Apple who knows many other companies in future will come out with theirs too!



Siri, the first ever voice bot to be put into a phone was created by Stanford Research Institute and then acquired for more than one million dollars just two months later.

But that didn’t stop there! In 2011 Scott Forstall took stage alongside Jobs himself introducing Siri as another unique feature on iPhone 4S. Thus, making it exclusive only from Apple at this point in time.

Siri was originally offered as a stand-alone app for IOS users. Initially, the capabilities of Siri were limited to primary functions such as searching files and making calls.

But with time Apple extended its integration into third party applications which now use NLP (natural language processing) providing relevant assistance through voice commands.

Named after one of NASA’s probes that went on an historic voyage around Mars – SIRIUS 2 has become not only your personal assistant but also a weather forecaster – predicting what will happen tomorrow or later today based off current conditions.

An internet portal giving access all sorts information from Wikipedia articles right when you need them most !  And it doesn’t stop there.



Alexa is the speech bot of Amazon. It was launched in 2014 along with its Echo smart speaker, which can perform web searches and play music among other things through voice commands- all while being controlled by a brain named Alexa!

You’ll be able to ask for news updates or services you need instantly without having too many interruptions from your phone thanks to this incredible device (which also makes life more comfortable).

Google Assistant


So, you might be wondering what is Google assistant? Well it’s a voice-enabled virtual bot that can do everything from make reservations to answer questions about the weather.

It was created by google in 2016 and launched with their messaging app “Allo”. Then later on during may 2017 its finally released onto iOS devices as well!

Now people all around the world are using this amazing technology anywhere they have wifi access or not just at home but also while commuting etc.

And since everyone is looking for new ways how we could interact more efficiently within our daily lives then why wouldn’t someone want an easy way of doing things.

Like booking plane tickets without having go through different websites one after another?? You’ll never know until try out these features which you can do with only your voice!

Who is smarter?

You have a tough decision to make, between Alexa vs Siri. What’s your choice? Well there are many features and benefits for each one that might tip the scale in their favor.

But before we get into that let’s take some time out from our busy lives long enough explore how these speech bots were born into this highly competitive and dominant market!

Battle Begins – Alexa vs Siri vs Google Assistant


The three voice bots are all vying for your attention and time. They can do everything from answering questions about the house, to learning what you like (and don’t) want in life – with a bit of playfulness thrown into their vocabulary! So which one will reign supreme? Let’s take a look at each personality trait individually:

The fun loving Google Home is perfect when we need some assistance managing our homes or just have an audience waiting who isn’t interested enough yet.

Amazon Alexa may seem more formal than her competitor but that doesn’t mean she lacks charm. Siri has always been great at handling daily tasks without breaking a sweat, but now she’s also learning to have a little fun.

#1. Answering user questions!


Who wins the race between Alexa, Siri and Google? It’s not over yet. A voice bot can’t be an ideal choice for every single query you ask it as they all have different levels of accuracy with their answers.

But on average 88% (Google) vs 75 %(Siri). However by one feature alone; answering out loud instead just typing into your phone or computer screen does make a difference!

Loup Ventures ran a similar test, and in the battle of being most accurate between Alexa vs Siri vs google assistant they didn’t change their ranking. Google Assistant secured its same place with 92%.

Loups tested two types of questions: True/False ( honesty) options for quick responses or complicated answers where more effort was needed to complete them accurately such as math problems, paperwork from your boss asking you what time does he expect things done by.”

#2. Playing music!


One of the most given commands to any smart speaker or voice bot out of Alexa vs Siri vs google assistant is “play music”.

People love being able to play their favorite songs from Spotify, YouTube Music and more with just one command. For those who want an old school feel they can go back in time using this technology as well!

It’s no secret that people are falling head over heels for these gadgets which makes it easy access your favorite tunes wherever you may be.

So, whether at home listening through Spotify premium on radio mode while cooking dinner (are there really cook without having some background noise?)or outside enjoying summer nights under stars. We’ve got all bases covered!

But which assistant will be your favorite to stay up-to-date with the latest? Alexa or Siri? Well, it turns out that both of these assistants can do more than just play music.

For example you might use them in order to set an alarm and they also have some skills for things like ordering pizza! The winner here though has got to be Alexa because she supports Spotify better .

It’s not all negativity: there are plenty of other reasons why one would choose a certain platform over another (or even switch between platforms depending).

#3. Shop with Assistants!

Voice recognition with smart phone.

The race is on between Alexa and Google as they battle for the top spot. With a plethora of products, both companies offer one-click shopping experiences to make your life easier!

A lot can be said about this competition: from their similarities in technology expertise (Amazon has an advantage here) all way down to which company offers more choices when it comes right down to day-to hand appliances–they might just have you at “Alexa.”

But what’s truly important are those who use these tools. Half of America uses google daily while only 10% invest time into Amazon apps/services because they trust its users’ recommendations over others’, but now there seems little reason why anyone wouldn’t want access everywhere.

In contrast, Google assistant is more helpful when it comes to navigation and other tasks. In the case of Siri there isn’t enough development for shopping yet though. So, if you’re looking forward a AI-powered personal shopper then look no further!

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You’re probably wondering how you can make your life easier. Well, we’ve got the answer for that! Voice bots are here and they’ll help take care of everything from cooking dinner reservations all while keeping up with what’s going on in politics to who won last night’s game (don’t worry – Alexa has already called IT).

And if bot building is more your speed then BotPenguin will teach ya’ plenty too; just give them a shout out at hello@bot penguin full of creative ideas!.