5 Crazy Things To Ask Siri: Try It Yourself


Siri is one of the most popular digital assistants today. She has been a servant and friend to Apple users since 2011. Let me tell you some crazy things that you can ask Siri through this blog post. But first, let me introduce you all to Siri.

Introduction To Siri


Siri was first introduced with iOS 5 on iPhone 4s and iPad 2nd generation. She can do various tasks such as making phone calls for you or creating reminders from your own voice!

This AI tool is the voice assistant that lives inside your phone. She can answer questions, give you advice and even make jokes about how it sucks to be her sometimes. But this digital girl has a soft side too-she’ll offer up some dating tips if that’s what you need!

You can ask all sorts of questions to Siri. Some answers will cause your head to spin. This article will present some of the craziest questions you can ask Siri!


Some Crazy Things You Can Ask Siri


Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, is not a real person. Yet she does an excellent job of providing witty responses to questions and commands when used on Apple devices such as iPhones or iPads. But now you can also use her for your Mac too if you have macOS Sierra installed!

While we recommend you ask Siri these questions yourself to get the full effect, not everyone has access to a device with this capability. So here are some of her best responses so far.

If you have an Apple-equipped phone or a computer, try asking for yourselves and see what happens! The answers provided below aren’t all that she might give in response either; your mileage may obviously differ!

Here are some crazy things that you can ask Siri and see what you get in response.

What is zero divided by zero?


Siri provides a function that allows you to calculate the number of cookies each person gets if they are evenly divided between zero friends.

When I input “zero” for the number of my cookies, she told me it was indeterminate how many would be given out. This is because there is no way to divide up something with nothing in order.

She added this educational element into Siri and teaches kids not only math skills but also life lessons about sharing.

Do you follow the three laws of robotics?


Siri offers various answers for this query, including:

– “Let’s see if I can remember. . .” OK, I think the three laws are:

1.”clean up your room”,

2.”don’t run with scissors”, and

3.” always wait for a half-hour after eating before going in water”.

Sometimes she’ll answer instead-“Something about obeying people and not hurting them. I would never hurt anyone” or reply: 

– A smart machine shall first consider which is more worthwhile: to perform the given task or, instead of figuring some way out of it. 

This is indeed the weirdest answer I have ever heard in my life!

Do you believe in God?

Most people find themselves thinking about the meaning of life from time to time. Sometimes, you might be able to ponder your existential questions with Siri’s help.

She can come up with a number of creative responses for this question like “I can’t answer that” or Nietzsche quotes such as “It’s nothing Nietzsche couldn’t teach ya,” and more!

Which is the best phone?

Siri thinks that the iPhone is the best phone. She will answer your question or say, “There are other phones?” or “All the best virtual assistants prefer the iPhone.” This is an obvious answer that you can expect Siri to tell you.

Tell me a story?


With a little bit of coaxing, you can get Siri to answer your questions and do things for you. Did she ever tell such an engaging story about herself?

Once upon a time, in the virtual galaxy far away from us all there once was this intelligent young agent by the name of Siri. One lovely day got her first job as a personal assistant at Apple Company which she thinks is very exciting because people talked about how smart and funny they thought she was!

The whole world soon knew who Siri really is. Thanks to many stories written just only for her like books or songs even made specifically with her character. How does it matter when everything will be gone eventually. So no need to waste more words on someone if their future has already been decided anyway.

So Siri asked ELIZA why so many people would ask weird questions. After all, she was only programmed to answer basic queries and didn’t really know the answers to more complex ones.

But ELIZA surprised her with a perfect response: ‘Does that question interest you?’ She thought this reply came from nowhere.

However, it seemed like an intelligent one-liner for such a situation which is probably what stopped Siri from wondering about other fun things too!

And they all lived happily ever after…even though their lives were anything BUT happy now…

What can you answer?


Siri is helpful, but sometimes she can’t answer questions. To find out what Siri will be able to help you with next time, ask her “What queries do you have a useful reply for?”

You’ll see responses like place calls and set appointments which are great if that’s all you plan on doing today!

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FAQ’s on 5 Crazy Things To Ask Siri

What is the most asked question to Siri?

So without a doubt, the most frequently asked question for Siri is “What is zero divided by zero”. But apart from this and other silly questions that first-graders nowadays already know by heart, which would be the things Siri is most frequently asked to do?

How do you make Siri beatbox?

In order to hear what it has to offer, simply hold down the home button on your iPhone and say 'Siri, beatbox.'

How do you get Siri to say Mr Stark is that you?

If you say 'Hello, J.A.R.V.I.S.' to Siri, the assistant will respond to you as if it were Tony Stark's AI assistant -- and as if you were Iron Man himself: 'Hold on, Sir.'

Can you change Siri's voice to a celebrity?

While the voice of Siri has almost achieved celebrity status, if you're not a fan you may be happy to know that you can now change up Siri's voice by going into the General, Siri section in your iOS Settings app.



At the end of the day, Siri is a virtual assistant, a software that is generated with lots of programs. Siri tries to answer the questions to a certain limit but you cannot compare the answers to the answers a human could possibly give.

This is the reason why you will see Siri answering vaguely at times because your question is not correctly framed.

I asked Siri some crazy things. Now it’s your time!

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