NinjaProxy Review: (Safe to Use?) Pros & Cons

Ninja Proxy Review

A proxy server is more than just a means to hide your IP address; it can effectively give you access to geo-restricted content. But while its IP-spoofing capabilities are liked by consumers who want to access content like streaming services, it has gripped the attention of internet marketers as well.

And today, NinjaProxy is the front and center of our review. It promises to be the ultimate solution for online anonymity. Our NinjaProxy review covers various aspects of the service, such as pricing, packages, customer service, and how to set up NinjaProxy. Our testing will reveal whether the service is worth your attention.

So, without delay, let’s dive straight into our NinjaProxy review.


Overview of NinjaProxy

NinjaProxy has been in the proxy service business for more than 10 years. So, right off the bat, there’s a wealth of expertise behind the proxy service.

It is a promising start for our review. Based in New York, NinjaProxy gives you access to thousands of proxy servers that are scattered across the globe. As a user, you can use these proxy servers to enhance your online anonymity by masking your real IP address.

NinjaProxy also has a particular focus on speed, making it an ideal choice for streaming and gaming. 

What NinjaProxy Offers You


Starting with NinjaProxy requires nothing more than signing up for the service and using your credentials and proxy server address to make a connection.

99% Network Uptime

NinjaProxy prides itself on delivering a service that has a 99% uptime guarantee. This is crucial if you are a business that cannot afford an outage.

Unlimited Bandwidth

You will be glad to know that NinjaProxy does not impose any restrictions on the amount of bandwidth that you can consume.

Fast Speeds

Thanks to Xeon-based servers running with 32GB RAM and 1Gbps port, speed will not be an issue while using the proxy servers.

Money-back Guarantee

With a 3-day money-back guarantee, you can be confident in your purchase. NinjaProxy will refund your money if you are not satisfied with the service.

NinjaProxy Packages

Starting off, you’ll have the option to choose between Shared Proxies, Private Proxies, Premium Proxies, Residential Proxies, and 4G/5G Proxies. We’ll explain each of them one by one.

1. Shared Proxies

Shared proxies are the easiest to get started with. This type of proxy server includes a bunch of IP addresses that are shared between multiple users. NinjaProxy explains that each IP address is used by only 3 customers simultaneously.

You can authenticate up to 10 IP addresses to be used simultaneously. Despite being the cheapest of the offerings, this plan gives you unlimited bandwidth usage and is hosted on servers with 1Gbps speed.

2. Private Proxies

The second-best offering is Private proxies. The proxies allocate an IP address to one customer at a time, unlike Shared proxies, which let one IP address be used by multiple users simultaneously.

You get to choose from 30+ geo-locations that range from the US, UK, Europe, and more. This package also includes unlimited bandwidth, simultaneous usage for up to 10 IP addresses, and 1Gbps speed.

At only $0.60 per proxy, you’re getting incredible value here. NinjaProxy not only ensures the reliability of each proxy but also offers users peace of mind with a 3-day money-back guarantee in case they don’t function as expected.

3. Premium Proxy Servers

Premium proxies are virgin IP addresses that have never been used. They are assigned to only one user at a time. It is perfect for internet marketers who want the most accurate results and avoid CAPTCHAS.

Just like other NinjaProxy packages, you get unlimited bandwidth, simultaneous usage, 1Gbps speed, and a 3-day money-back guarantee. Server locations include 20+ geo-locations, including the US and UK.

We’ll discuss the pricing structure later in the review. 

4. Residential Proxy Server

Residential proxies are high-quality IP addresses that are used for residential internet usage. This allows internet marketers to bypass roadblocks like CAPTCHAS and geo-blocks easily. The Residential proxies have 15K+ IPs, 2 subnets, and one geolocation, providing businesses of all sizes with dependable network performance.

Moreover, you get 10 Gbps servers, unlimited bandwidth, and simultaneous usage with up to 10 IP addresses. Like Private and Premium proxies, only one user can access an IP address at a time.

Supported geo-locations include the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, France, and many more.

5. 4G/5G Proxy Server

And finally, we have mobile (4G/5G) proxies. These types of IP addresses are meant for cellular networks. In addition to up to 100 Mbps speed, you get unlimited bandwidth and simultaneous usage for up to 10 IP addresses.

How to Setup NinjaProxy

NinjaProxy gives you the login, password, host number, and port number of the proxy server when you purchase any of its plans. After that, you follow the given steps to access Proxy.

1. Head over to NinjaProxy’s website and your username and password to log in.


2. The second step is to use a proxy extension in your web browser or download Ghost Browser. 

3. The next thing you need to do is enter information in the Name, Host, Port, Username, and Password fields in Ghost Browser. 


4. Click on Add Proxy. Then, connect to the proxy server and start browsing.

The Best Proxy for Businesses

Proxy servers play a vital role in modern business operations. They act as intermediaries between a business’s internal network and the external internet, offering several advantages:

Enhanced Security

Proxy servers provide an additional layer of security by filtering out malicious content and potentially harmful websites. They can also help prevent cyberattacks like DDoS attacks and protect sensitive data.

Improved Privacy

Businesses can maintain the privacy of their internal network by routing internet traffic through a proxy server. This ensures that IP addresses and internal network structures remain hidden from external entities.

Content Filtering

Proxy servers enable content filtering, allowing businesses to control which websites and services employees can access. This helps in boosting productivity and reducing distractions.

Load Balancing

Proxy servers can distribute network traffic efficiently, ensuring that no single server is overwhelmed. This helps maintain a consistent level of service even during high-traffic periods.

Bandwidth Optimization

By caching frequently accessed content, proxy servers can reduce the demand on the internet connection and speed up web page loading times.

NinjaProxy Pricing

As we discussed earlier, NinjaProxy offers five types of proxies: Shared, Premium, Private, Residential, and 4G/5G. Here’s the breakdown of how much each of them will cost you:

Shared Proxies: At just $0.60 per proxy, the Shared Proxies plan is the easiest to get started with. NinjaProxy operates 225k+ semi-dedicated IPs in 1k+ IP subnets across 50 data centers worldwide.

Private Proxies: Private proxies will cost you $1.15 per proxy. There are 300k+ dedicated proxy IPs in 1k+ IP subnets across 70 data centers worldwide.

Premium Proxies: These proxies cost $2.00 per proxy. NinjaProxy’s server network spans across various countries and encompasses 75k+ proxy IPs in 400+ IP subnets.

Residential Proxies: You can get a Residential Proxy for just $20.00. NinjaProxy has 15k+ residential proxies in 2 IP subnets. It’s currently limited to only 1 geo-location.

4G/5G Proxies: 4G/5G Proxies are the most expensive of the bunch at $175.00 per proxy. Like Residential Proxies, it is currently limited to just one geo-location.

Verdict – NinjaProxy


NinjaProxy’s expertise in catering to businesses of all sizes makes them a solid contender in the proxy service space. There are multiple proxies to choose from based on your requirements, and the cheapest one costs just $0.5 per proxy.

There is no setup fee, and all plans have unlimited bandwidth, which is a huge plus.


A notable limitation of NinjaProxy as a proxy service is that it does not offer a free trial and offers only a 3-day money-back guarantee on its proxy plans. This may be a drawback if you’re expecting to spend time integrating the proxy, which may take away some of that time.

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