Graphy Review 2023: Features, Pros & Cons

Graphy Review and Features

Do you wish to have your online course that learners can subscribe to? If this is the case, you must select the ideal platform for creating, marketing and selling online courses. Due to the availability of numerous course-selling platforms, it becomes daunting to choose a service that can be fruitful in the long run.

Graphy is a popular SaaS platform for course creators that can help you develop a profitable online teaching business.

You can use it to develop bespoke courses, make amazing no-code learning websites, or start your app to further accelerate the accessibility of your course.

Even if you’re a first-time creating an online course, you can rely on Graphy as it has a very short learning curve. The platform is used by over 30,000 creators, which tells explicitly the craze of this course creation platform. Its awesome features when compared to other alternatives compel you to try Graphy and you can also trust its reliability. 

Read on to learn everything there is to know about Graphy, including its features, cost, alternatives, pros, cons, and more.

By the end of this review, you’ll know whether Graphy is an ideal online course platform for your requirements.

Graphy Overview

Graphy overview

Graphy-by Unacademy is an all-in-one platform that allows you to create supercharged online courses🔦. For anybody who is part of a Graphy-created community, the tool will assist you in providing a better learning experience by rethinking how people, teams, and individuals set up and collaborate🙌.

It’s ideal for anyone who wants to focus on producing a conversion-optimized course, website, or app rather than worrying about how to code a website👍.

For whom is Graphy useful?

Here are a few usage scenarios that demonstrate how versatile Graphy is👇

👉Beginners– This platform can assist you if you need to establish a website and mobile application for your course but lack coding expertise or the funds to hire professional developers.

👉Seasoned Content Creators- Graphy is perfect for seasoned content creators who wish to improve and develop their previous work.

👉Educational Institutions– Graphy enables you to build unlimited page, and content school websites of any size.

👉Teams- It lets you create and distribute reports and dashboards across team members to significantly enhance your organization’s use of data.

How to use Graphy?

Getting started with Graphy

To begin, click the “Courses” option on the left side of the screen.

Create courses with graphy

You’ll be asked to provide your course title.

Give your course a title

When you’re finished, proceed to the next stage of the course development.

You will be taken to the course builder at this point, where you may create the first chapter of your e-learning course.

Add chapters to your courses

You can include the chapter heading as well as the chapter items, which are the contents of each chapter.

Your chapter can include both uploaded and generated materials. You can also import content from your current courses.

You can upload– 

  • PDF files with dynamic watermarks for your course.
  • Upload videos that will all be secure and non-downloadable. It also allows you to embed videos from Vimeo and YouTube.
Add videos to your content
  • Import SCORM packages into your course.
  • Audio files can also be uploaded to the platform.
  • Include any type of file you wish your students to download.
Add elemnts to your chapter

You can also-  

  • Create the chapters or section headings.
  • In the course, write your textual teachings. Use the “Source” option to embed an iframe and add HTML code.
  • Add a link that will be displayed in an iFrame.
  • Use the Live Class feature to hold live classes and conferences with your registered students.
  • Create a Quiz so that students can take a quiz at any time and get the results right away.
  • Conduct Live tests that students can attempt within a certain time frame. See the Leaderboard after the results are announced.
  • Use the Form feature to collect any data from students while they are enrolled in the course.
  • Add assignments to take or give tasks to your students.

You have a choice to preview your course at any point while working. You can construct a chapter sample by selecting chapter components to make available to learners.

After completing your first chapter, you can add more by clicking the “Add New Chapter” option. There can be multiple chapters if you need them.

When you’re finished, click the publish button at the very top of the page to publish or save your course.

Publish your course in Graphy

Graphy Features 2023

Ease of use

Graphy is unquestionably authentic. You’ll discover that Graphy makes creating and branding your website simple.

You can create as many additional pages as you need by setting up a page using the platform’s website builder.

Schedule content release

By designating exact times to deliver each lesson, you can control when the material in your course is delivered to students. With this approach, you can be confident that each time a student visits, they will see new content.

Schedule Notifications

You can plan up customized notifications for people using the platform. These can either be one-time or ongoing notifications. In either case, you can employ them as a formidable tool to assist you in developing connections with potential pupils (who might not interact with you frequently) and preserving supportive connections with present students.

Users will be more engaged because of your notifications, and you can personalize them by adding text, photos, and other elements to make them even more engaging.

Whitelabelled App and Website

It’s more crucial than ever to have an app connected to your website or course so that your information can be accessible on devices of all kinds, given the steadily growing popularity of mobile cell phones.

Build your app with graphy
Mobile apps

You may have your material prepared on a fully working, brandable app with Graphy’s Business plan, making it entirely yours. Additionally, the robust adaptive technology of the platform will be available to you.

Content Management

The platform’s content management tool enables you to present your students with a Zoom class environment where everything is done for you.

You may make your curriculum more interactive by conversing privately, polling, publicly asking questions, or allowing your students to ask questions throughout live sessions. You might also offer students with lesson recordings after the class.


To design your website, you can utilize one of Graphy’s free templates. You can choose between a light theme and a dark theme, both of which offer a selection of website pages, such as the front page, landing website for a course, checkout success page, and Contact and About Us page.

Graphy offers multiple themes

Content Security on Multiple Levels

Content security is yet another one of Graphy’s many remarkable features. The platform offers powerful, multilayer protection, giving you peace of mind that your hard work in producing an online course will not be for naught if unscrupulous people see your content and distribute or market it without your permission.

Graphy offers security feature to keep your content safe

Wallet & Credits

This is a fantastic feature that is uncommon among other course management systems.

To draw additional people to your course, you may utilize wallets and credit plans. Include it in your referral program. Determine the amount that anyone can utilize when they pay for your course.

Graphy wallet

You could decide on the discounted price, the length of time earned credits are valid, or the maximum number of credits a person is permitted to earn.

Most eCommerce businesses utilize this strategy to encourage visitors to purchase more items on their websites.

Coupon Codes

You can Create discount and promo codes and save them to your dashboard. Promo codes are a great way to enhance sales and utilize their existence in marketing copies and campaigns.

Graphy Promo codes

Integrated Affiliate Program

Using affiliates is one of the simplest ways to sell your online course. Simply offer current and potential students an incentive for each sale made as a result of their suggestion or referral and encourage them to tell others about your course.

Graphy affiliate marketing

Grapy Reports

Graphy includes strong student reporting options as well as academy-wide data to assist you in keeping track of your progress.

Detailed analytics and daily reports will assist you in visualizing what works and what doesn’t so that you can enhance your content and marketing methods.

Graphy provides you with student report

Furthermore, the platform easily interacts with Google Analytics and Google Optimize to provide you with even more in-depth insights into your organization.

Grapy Integrations

The ability to link with the appropriate third-party technologies will enable you to deliver an even better learning experience for your students.

You will be able to communicate more efficiently with your students, promote your content further effectively, and sell additional courses.

These are some of the most popular integrations provided by Graphy.

  • Zoom
  • Vimeo
  • Zapier
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Zoho CRM
  • Google Analytics
  • MailChimp
Third party integration is allowed by Graphy

Graphy Customer Support

To give its users, the finest customer support possible, Graphy employs a team of knowledgeable personnel who are available 24 hours a day.

You can get in contact with the team via Extensive Knowledge Base, Email, Phone, or Live Chat.  

The best thing is- no matter what time zone you are in, you will be guaranteed to get all of your problems fixed and queries answered.

Graphy Pricing

Graphy’s pricing system is straightforward to grasp. There is no need to upgrade or downgrade the plans to get the features you need because they include everything in one place.

Graphy offerings that will help you grow

There is an onboarding charge of Rs 19,999 to assist you in correctly setting up your online business on the system.

Graphy pricing plans

And a commission of 10% for every course sold on the platform.

Graphy Alternatives

To see if Graphy is the best solution for your unique needs, you can compare it to other prominent online course platforms such as Podia, LearnDash, Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific, and others.

Each platform has advantages and disadvantages, so what works best for you will be determined by your individual goals and needs.

Graphy FAQs

Who can benefit from Graphy💁‍♀️?

This course creation platform is ideal for any creator looking to expand their audience and monetize their talents. It’s also perfect if you are looking to host live courses.

Is Coding needed to use Graphy👨‍💻?

No🙅‍♀️. To create a website that looks professional, you don’t need any technical expertise or training.

Is creating a website with Graphy easy🤔?

Yes🥳. To construct a distinctive-looking website, just drag and drop various items into a page while customizing fonts, colors, photos, and other aspects.

How can you market your course🤔?

You can choose how you want to promote and distribute your course😎. Provide free trials for any of your courses, or charge a fee.

Does Graphy offer a refund policy🤔?

Yes😍, if you don’t find a use case for the platform, it gives you a 7-day, no-questions-asked refund.

What makes Graphy stand out?

Graphy is designed for all types of courses, including live, instructor-led, planned, and drip courses.

With this platform, you will be able to construct whatever you require. It is unquestionably worth the investment and will help you save time and money💰.

Thanks to a plethora of features that allow you to not only develop outstanding courses, but also safeguard your content, provide multimedia support, establish a website and mobile app, and much more.

Graphy can also be integrated with a multitude of additional applications and technologies to help you grow your course company📈.

As you can see, this is a robust, feature-rich platform that will assist teachers who want to establish an exceptional educational environment to offer their students an amazing learning experience.

Graphy Pros and Cons


  • All-in-One Online Course Platform
  • Exceptionally simple to use
  • An affiliate program that enables others to advertise your courses
  • Create apps and websites with no coding
  • Convert your course to several languages
  • Organize webinars and live classes
  • Get international payments without trouble


  • UI can be improved

Over to you

To summarize, with Graphy, you can create, market, launch, and sell your online course all under one roof.

You can construct a one-of-a-kind website using the simple Graphy templates, which allow you to drag and drop different parts to create the look and feel you desire for your course.

There’s no doubt that you’ll create a magnificent website worthy of success with award-winning designs, configurable layouts, multiple third-party connections, video streaming, and a variety of other capabilities.

Best of all, you won’t have to rely on an external source to create your page or website.

If you’re ready to give this course-building software a shot, join up for a free trial and get started right away.

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