Bright Data Review 2023: Super-Fast Proxy Service Provider

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Bright Data Residential Proxies
  • Unlimited Rotation of IPs
  • Gets cheaper when you commit more budget
  • Not for black-hat usage
  • Costly for newbies

Let us learn more in this Bright Data review, how this platform helps millions of users around the world.

To fetch the most important data you care about on the internet by hiding your identity, you need a proxy. Bright Data review shows why it is the fastest proxy service provider. 

A proxy is an unidentified IP address that helps you access the data anywhere anonymously. But why do you need a proxy?

When the crucial data is restricted by your ISP or government, you need to hide your original IP. To hide your original IP address, you need a proxy IP address.

A proxy IP address hides your original IP and provides you with a temporary unique IP address. Using this unique IP address, you can access the restricted content.

Bright Data Introduction


bright data review

Bright Data is the top contender for a fast proxy service provider. It is recognized as the #1 web data platform to help you retrieve the most important data quickly without any interruption. 

  • The Bright Data platform provides ready-made datasets, data collection, and proxy infrastructure. 
  • Over 15,000 + customers including Fortune 500 companies, and small enterprises trust Bright Data. 
  • The custom support is awesome with dedicated account manager available 24/7.
  • All the IPs are 100% compliant and safe to use.

Get started with Bright Data Now

Benefits Of Bright Data

bright data review benefits

Do you want to know how millions of users around the world benefit from the Bright Data web data platform?

Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of using Bright Data. 

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Ad Tech
  • eCommerce
  • Stock Market Data
  • Search engine crawling
  • Market research
  • Travel Aggregation
  • SEO monitoring
  • Website testing
  • And more custom solutions

Different Bright Data Proxy Products

Datacenter Proxies

brightdata datacenter proxies
  • 700,000+ IPs around the world including Germany, US, India, Japan, etc.
  • 100% network uptime.
  • Target by country or city
  • Shared IPs (Pay per usage or Pay per IP)
  • Exclusive IPs that can be used for a specific domain or site.
  • Pricing starts at $0.60/IP + $0.095/GB.
datacenter proxies pricing

Residential Proxies

brightdata residential proxies
  • Advanced rotating residential proxies with largest real-peer IP network. 
  • No restrictions on IP rotation. Makes you unidentified so you can browse securely.
  • 100% compliant.
  • Fastest response time.
  • 99.99% network uptime.
  • Global IP coverage in every city, country, ASN and carrier.
  • No. of concurrent requests are unlimited.
  • Shared and Exclusive IPs available.
  • Pricing starts at $15.00/GB.
residential proxy pricing

ISP Proxies

brightdata isp proxies
  • 600,000+ IPs across the globe in any region you want.
  • You can use ISP proxies for as long as you want.
  • No coding changes required.
  • High performance with 100% uptime.
  • No blockage or IP detection issues.
  • Pricing starts at $17.50/GB + $0.50/IP.
isp proxies pricing

Mobile Proxies

brightdata mobile proxies
  • Over 7,000,000+ advanced 3G/4G real-peer IPs.
  • Fast response time and 99.9% uptime guaranteed.
  • All mobile proxies are patented and 100% compliant.
  • Target any ASN or carrier globally using IPs from around the world.
  • Pricing starts at $35.00/GB. 
brightdata mobile pricing

Features of Bright Data

bright data features

Bright Data is a pool of web data extraction features. Take a look at key features you get at Bright Data.

  • From finance to cybersecurity, Bright Data can be used to any extent.
  • The platform is compatible with most of the third-party tools and apps. 
  • You can expect high network uptime guaranteed 99.9%
  • You can scale up or down with utmost flexibility. 
  • Security is top-notch ensuring the system is 100% compliant. 
  • With minimum resources required, the system provides high efficiency.
  • An intuitive dashboard that shows real-time network performance. 
  • For any concerns, dedicated account managers are available 24/7.

Bright Data pricing

Bright Data has four plans to offer to its millions of customers worldwide. Let’s check out all the plans and pricing in this section of the Bright Data review.

brightdata pricing
  • Experimenting: $300/month
  • Starter: $500/month
  • Production: $1000/month
  • Plus: $3000/month
  • Enterprise: Contact the support team for unlimited usage, scale and pricing.

Bright Data accepts payments using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Alipay, PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, and We chat.

  • All the pricing and plans are in USD.
  • When you refresh the Datacenter IPs, the charges would be extra.
  • The charges are the same for all the regions, so you can willingly choose any IP from any location.
  • Once the payment is done at your end, you will receive the invoice on the 1st of the month. 

Get started with Bright Data Now

How To Sign Up For Bright Data?

To register for a 7-day free trial or subscribe to any plan, click on Sign up. 

brightdata signup
Enter your First name, Last name, email address, choose the company size, and Industry.

register brightdata 
Now proceed with password setup and click on Create Account.

brightdata password
You will receive an email with a verification email. 
Once you click on Activate Account, you will be redirected to your Bright Data dashboard.

brightdata dashboard
Inside the dashboard, you can start the network setup by choosing any service. Click on the service you need and click on Next.

brightdata curl
You will be provided with the Curl code. Just copy the code and run it.

Bright Data Pros and Cons

  • Multiple web data products are available including Datasets, Data Collector, Web Unlocker, Proxies, and more.
  • Can be used for eCommerce, travel, search engine crawling, share market data, and more.
  • 72 million + advanced rotating IPs.
  • 99.99% uptime guaranteed.
  • Easily integrate with Bright Data’s proxy manager and set custom rules.
  • No limitation on sending concurrent requests. This increases speed and efficiency.
  • All IPs are fully patented and compliant.
  • Dedicated managers with 24/7 professional support are available.
  • First-time users might find it difficult to integrate using API.
  • Cost is reasonably more than other proxy competitors.
  • Costly for low-bandwidth users.

With the Bright Data review, we can conclude that it is the market leader in web data collection.

bright data header

Bright Data Alternatives

There are several Bright Data alternatives and Competitors in the market. You cannot count on all of them, but you can try them for free with a free trial period. 



Oxylabs is one of the most popular proxy provider. It deals in Residential proxies and has a great network too.


Out of all major residential proxy networks, Smartproxy is the only decentralized platform

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With the Bright Data review, we can conclude that it is the market leader in web data collection.

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